I'm Payton. My heart beats for deep conversations, national park roadtrips, snuggling my dog Mumford, a tasty curry, traveling the world, sitting in the sun, breakfasts at cute cafes, and good storytelling.

Mostly I just love being alive and trying new things
and romanticizing the hell out of life.

I aspire to live in such a way that Greta Gerwig will want to make a movie about me, complete with an emotional and empowering monologue at the end. I live in the heart of Oklahoma City, a place that has unexpectedly stolen my heart over the years. Though my job and my travels take me everywhere - which I adore - I love having a home base that I can’t wait to get back to at the end of a trip. But if I were to choose a second home, it would be Joshua Tree, CA. Once I visited for the first time several years ago, I was enchanted by the magic and peace of this otherworldly place. I escape there any chance I get and love documenting elopements in the wildness of the desert.

hi friend, I'm thrilled you're here.


I have built my business around inclusivity, storytelling, and appreciating the earth and the people in it. Photography is my dream way of spending my life telling the stories of intentional couples, exploring new places, celebrating love, and capturing unforgettable moments. However you found yourself here, I already think you're the coolest person ever. Now let’s go create some art.

As a lover of the outdoors, I believe the outdoors are for everyone and as a queer woman, I also believe love is for everyone.

And as a queer woman,
I also believe love is for everyone.

As a lover of the outdoors,
I believe the outdoors are for everyone.


(Probably dancing to Taylor Swift)

Seriously cannot wait to hang out with you!


Dreams of being best friends with Pedro Pascal


Favorite hike is the Skyline trail at Mt Rainier, followed closely by Roy’s Peak in New Zealand


Thinks cold weather is very underrated


Listens only to Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Noah Kahan on repeat and doesn’t care how basic that makes me


Has visited 18 national parks and counting (Joshua Tree is my favorite, but Mt Rainier and Yosemite are tied for second)


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In March 2019, my family lost my seven-year-old niece Avery to brain cancer. She was the light of my life, my mini-me, and the strongest, most amazing little person I’ve ever known. I watched her go through terrible things, yet she always had a smile and a hug for everyone. Avery and her life have inspired me to value every moment, to never overlook the little things, and to bring joy to everyone I meet. She impacted every part of my life, and by extension every part of my business.

Avery passed away one month before my wedding. She had been so excited about it, couldn’t wait to dress up and dance with me on my wedding day. Even though I’m no longer married, I mourn that she is not in my wedding photos, that I did not get to dance with her on that day, that we missed sharing that excitement together. Ever since her passing, I have been more determined than ever to capture unforgettable memories and irreplaceable moments for my clients. I treasure every single blurry iPhone selfie with my Avery, and I know one day my clients might need to cling to candid wedding photos of their loved ones just as I cling to every photo I have of her. Poses can be recreated; memories can’t. More than anything, I want to capture incredible memories for my clients with each other and the people they love most.

And if you happen to notice the Harry Potter tattoo on my arm, just know that’s for Avery Reese, the biggest wizarding world fan of all. I’ll always miss my little Gryffiindor.

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