Well. I’ve been planning this blog post for weeks and I find myself not even knowing how to begin. Because WOW I still haven’t recovered from the magnificence that was Amelia + Luke’s wedding day.

Amelia + Luke have been best friends for over 15 years, but what with being best friends and all, Amelia never thought she could date Luke. Turns out she was wrong, much to the delight of their friends and family, who had of course called it from the beginning. And last November, they were finally married on their family’s property in Sanger, Texas, a wildlife preserve that was founded by Luke’s grandfather. Oh yeah, and did I mention they live in AN ACTUAL HOBBIT HOUSE?! Scroll on down if you don’t believe me.

Their wedding took nontraditional to whole. new. levels. Everything about their day was intentionally crafted to reflect who they are. They threw tradition out the freaking window and it was a total dream. Amelia MADE HER OWN WEDDING DRESS HELLO, during their ceremony they planted a tree with soil from each of their childhood homes, their pup Django was involved in every part of the day, the bridal party walked down the aisle to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and their reception playlist was perfectly cultivated to match their tastes instead of your traditional wedding music (no Cha Cha Slide for them). Nothing awkward, nothing forced, nothing cookie-cutter. Everywhere I turned there was more beauty, more surprises, more amazing moments.

But what really stood out the whole day was just the incredible love between these two and the beautiful, tight-knit community of people that surrounded them. It was ever-present and undeniable. Amelia + Luke were always checking on their guests, making sure everyone had what they needed and was staying warm and enjoying themselves. They welcomed me in like family and we said goodbye at the end of the night with hugs and maybe a few tears. This day left me breathless and thankful and feeling changed from spending time with two such kind people, and in total disbelief that of all the photographers in the world, I got to be the one to capture this day.

Yup. Still not over it.

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Payton Marie Photography is run by Payton Wilson, a local and destination wedding photographer based in Oklahoma City. She specializes in working with intentional, adventurous couples who are focused on making their wedding day exactly what they want it to be, regardless of tradition. Every story is unique, every love has its own flair. So whether at home or abroad, in a church or on a mountain, she focuses on creating photos that are celebratory, emotional, and unforgettable. 


  1. Faiz Nasir says:

    I just love how truthful and honest the storyline you made for them and the photos you captured really represents the ambience. I can almost feel I was there! Amazing job Payton. Loving your work here, all the way from a lil’ country called Malaysia 🙂 If you’re ever in town let me know and I’ll host you around 🙂

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