You ever meet those people who are SO kind and SO sweet they just feel like sunshine and laughter and all things lovely?

Yup. That’s Olivia + Rob.

Olivia and I had been following each other on Instagram for months before they booked a couples session with me last fall. Even though we had never seen each other in person before that day, meeting her felt like reuniting with an old friend. She is the most warm, genuine person, and together, she and Rob make such a fun-loving power couple. We spent the most perfect autumn afternoon frolicking around downtown Oklahoma City as I took these photos of them.

I don’t think I’ve ever met two people more effortlessly in love than these two. I barely even had to direct them as they cuddled and danced and drank coffee and soaked up the sunlight. I feel like their joyful, adventurous love is like the most perfect real-life manifestation of the Lumineer’s music video for Sleep on the Floor (which just so happens to be my favorite music video ever). I think my favorite thing about these photos is how they just feel like Olivia + Rob. The happiness. The intensity. Their creative + artistic flair. Their complete adoration and respect for each other. Their adventurous, life-loving souls. (Also, can we take just a moment to appreciate the beautiful and awe-inspiring magnificence that is Olivia’s hair?!?!) I will happily photograph these two until the end of time forever and ever amen.

Oh, and speaking of which: since this session, these two have gotten ENGAGED and I get to photograph their wedding in November and I’M SO EXCITED I COULD CRY OH WAIT I’M ALREADY CRYING. We’re also currently dreaming up the most incredible engagement session for them and you guys. It’s gonna be epic. Stay tuned!!

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Payton Marie Photography is run by Payton Wilson, a local and destination wedding photographer based in Oklahoma City. She specializes in working with intentional, adventurous couples who are focused on making their wedding day exactly what they want it to be, regardless of tradition. Every story is unique, every love has its own flair. So whether at home or abroad, in a church or on a mountain, she focuses on creating photos that are celebratory, emotional, and unforgettable. 


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