“We’re getting married… in 10 days!”

My jaw dropped a little when I read Meghan’s initial email. 10 days?! I knew I had to hear this story and hear more about this couple. And as soon as I chatted with Meghan on the phone, I just knew it was meant to be.

Meghan + Luke met at work, and it was apparent pretty quickly that they had a spark. But both of them were a little shy about approaching the other, so for a while they settled for “accidentally” having lunch at the same time on more than few occasions. Finally, Meghan couldn’t stand it anymore and asked Luke out, much to his relief. Luke knew from the beginning that he could see himself marrying her. And on a beautiful February morning in Oklahoma, they finally made it official in front of their amazing community of friends and family.

They had set a wedding date soon after getting engaged, but life and work got crazy and wedding planning had to be put on the back burner. Then one day, they realized the date was in 10 days and thought, “Oh no! We need a photographer!” Enter me! 🙂 Talking with Meghan on the phone felt like chatting with an old friend, and I was so glad their wedding was only just over a week away because I COULD NOT WAIT to meet them.

Meghan + Luke are both creative craftsmen and work in theater. They handcrafted and DIY-ed their entire wedding. Luke built the ceremony arch (which is now being reused as their bed headboard), they made and arranged all the flowers, Meghan painted their invitations, and Luke brewed their own wedding cider. The morning of the wedding, their friends and students all gathered at the Ed Lycan Conservatory in OKC to set up for them, and let me tell you, this was the FASTEST and most efficient wedding set-up I’ve ever seen. Theater folks, ya’ll.

Meghan + Luke’s wedding was one of the most beautifully simple, intentional, colorful, and emotional wedding days I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone in their lives stepped in and contributed to make this day happen. It honestly felt like a room full of family, coming together to witness two amazing people finally unite in marriage. Meghan definitely couldn’t stop smiling. The joy was tangible, electric, undeniable. It was seriously unlike anything I’d ever seen.

In Luke’s vows, he said that before Meghan, he was always known for being a little grumpy. But after Meghan, he’s never been grumpy since. And no, I was definitely NOT crying behind my camera.

Here’s a peek into their colorful, happy, cider-filled day. Here’s to more days like this.

Payton Marie Photography is run by Payton Wilson, a traveling wedding + elopement photographer based in Oklahoma City. She specializes in working with intentional, adventurous couples who are focused on making their wedding day exactly what they want it to be, regardless of tradition. Every story is unique, every love has its own flair. So whether at home or on a mountain, she focuses on creating photos that are celebratory, emotional, and unforgettable. 

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