Magic happens in Joshua Tree, California. That’s all I’m saying.

I consider myself Joshua Tree’s greatest evangelist. ‘Til my grave, I will proclaim it as one of THE BEST places to elope, explore, and just be. It’s otherworldly, enchanting, and just one of the most stunning locations on earth.

Earlier this year, Hannah + Jason drove down from Los Angeles to spend the afternoon with me and my husband in Joshua Tree National Park. Hannah is a photographer, and Jason is a filmmaker and also photographer. It’s always a little bit nerve-wracking to photograph other photographers, but I had nothing to fear. These two were so kind, so fun, and such a lovely pair to work with. They met us at our Airbnb and we drove into the park together, chatting about everything from travel to photography to religion to food (always food).

On what started out as a cold cloudy day in Joshua Tree, we began our photo session at the incredible Keys View. Through some sorcery of their own, Hannah + Jason powered through the chilly wind and managed to look amazing the whole time. Like how do they look so good?! As we made our way back down through the park, the sun came out and we spent the rest of the glorious golden evening at the Hidden Valley area, ending with the most incredibly-colored sky. That’s what I love about this place. It never fails to astonish me.

(Also, if you keep up with the news and viral videos, you might recognize Hannah + Jason from this story!)

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