It’s basically my dream to shoot a couples session at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. That dream hasn’t quite come true yet, but we came pretty damn close with this session at the Great Salt Plains in northwestern Oklahoma. Who would have thought such a dreamy location would be in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma?!

Gatlin + David have made a habit of booking a photo session together every year, which I think is the greatest tradition ever. For this year’s session, they wanted something different, something unique. So they donned all black outfits and we drove (and drove… and drove…) out to Jet, Oklahoma, to the Great Salt Plains State Park, on what turned out to be a 90-degree October day. Typical Oklahoma lol. But man. What a magical session.

There were so many moments throughout this photoshoot where I just had to stop and take in what was in front of me. The minimal landscape, the gorgeous but soft colors in the sky, but most breathtaking was the connection between Gatlin + David. The love they have for each other is simply a dream to photograph and an honor to witness. It is so effortless, so wholesome, so inspiring. Plus I think we can all agree they brought ALL the fire. I’m so obsessed with the magic we created we such a simple backdrop.

We spent a couple hours frolicking around the salt flats, they introduced me to their favorite music (hello Greyson Chance), we talked about our favorite shows (hello Schitts Creek), and honestly this session just reminded me what I love my job so much. Connection, creativity, and an enchanting landscape resulting in beautifully honest images that showcase the feeling and relationship between two people.

P.S. Tip for all photographers wanting to shoot at the Great Salt Plains in Oklahoma! They require a photo permit for each session. It is free of charge and easy to obtain, just email them to apply!

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  1. Lexi says:

    These are so unique…. artistic…. and they look like they were truly FUN. Like you both were just having so much fun and being carefree and vulnerable. Gosh I just love that. They are truly incredible.
    I love your blog layout too!

  2. Crystal Shaw says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow.
    This just furthers my point that i CANNOT wait for you to photograph my wedding. I love these x a million.

  3. Beth Swan says:

    I am OBSESSED with these! The light, the top notch posing, and how freaking gorgeous these guys look together. Crushed it. Amazing work, Payton!

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