Alicia and Charlie had me booked for several months into planning their more traditional Oklahoma wedding, but one day Alicia texted me and said, “So Charlie and I decided we just wanna elope in Colorado. Can you be there?” OH HECK YES.

They moved their wedding date up five months and booked a cabin in the Colorado mountains near the stunning Saint Mary’s Glacier. They invited just their family to celebrate with them, and on the craziest, most snowy June day I’m sure Colorado has ever seen, they were married!!

We were originally all going to hike up the glacier for their ceremony, but when the snow kept coming, Alicia and Charlie decided to have the ceremony behind the cabin. Afterwards, the most adventurous of us braved the snowstorm and hiked up to the glacier in near white-out conditions, the craziest wind, and 25 degree temps. But that didn’t stop these two. Alicia even hiked up and CHANGED INTO HER DRESS AT THE TOP. IN TWENTY-FIVE FREAKIN DEGREES LIKE WHAT A BOSS QUEEN. The sun eventually came out and blessed us with gorgeous views for their portraits. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS BEAUTY.

I’m obsessed with Colorado and obsessed with this day and obsessed with couples like Alicia + Charlie who don’t let ANYTHING stop them from getting married exactly how they want. Pretty sure only love can make you do something this crazy and wonderful.

Here’s to Alicia and Charlie and the perfect start to their adventure!!


Payton Marie Photography is run by Payton Wilson, a local and destination wedding photographer based in Oklahoma City. She specializes in working with intentional, adventurous couples who are focused on making their wedding day exactly what they want it to be, regardless of tradition. Every story is unique, every love has its own flair. So whether at home or abroad, in a church or on a mountain, she focuses on creating photos that are celebratory, emotional, and unforgettable. 


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