Inspired by the desert + mountain landscapes of California, this elopement with Lillian + Kyle was planned with all the romantic adventurous vibes in mind. They hiked and explored this beautiful mountain, listened to Taylor Swift as they cuddled and watch the sunset (I mean, the colors of that sky are giving off some serious “Lover” vibes, am I right?!), and spent some time just being together and celebrating their love story without 200 people watching. I loved how they were totally and completely themselves, basking in the sunlight, making each other laugh, without stress or distraction or a care in the world. Just two people thoroughly in love.

Your wedding day should be exactly what you want it to be. Just the two of you on a mountain, or surrounded by your closest friends and family. In a dream destination, or in a cozy setting close to home. A brunch feast with donuts and mimosas, or a nighttime bonfire dancing under the stars.

If a more traditional wedding is what you’re dreaming of, yassss queen!! But one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen is a couple feeling pressured or forced into a traditional wedding, only to be overwhelmed and stressed and not able to enjoy their own wedding day. So if a traditional wedding just doesn’t feel like you, there are other options! Here are just a few nontraditional ideas of how you could spend your wedding day:

  • renting a cozy Airbnb for the weekend

  • getting ready together the morning of and having brunch before your ceremony

  • hiking a slot canyon in Arizona

  • spending the day on the California coast

  • standing under a waterfall in the PNW

  • Jeeping through the Utah desert

  • stargazing in Joshua Tree

  • having a picnic on a rooftop in your favorite city

  • having a sweet courthouse ceremony and heading out for drinks right after

  • camping or glamping or renting an Airstream!

  • saying your vows in the middle of the giant Redwoods

  • eloping in the same place you want to honeymoon

  • inviting a few of your closest friends and family to witness your ceremony and celebrate with dinner afterwards

  • skiing or rappelling or rock climbing

  • watching the sunrise in Yosemite

However you want to spend your wedding day, the options are out there!! So whether you are planning an elopement, a traditional wedding, or even just a small, intimate wedding, then scroll through this beautiful elopement, and let it inspire and free you to make your wedding day your own.

Hi! I’m Payton! I’m a traveling wedding + elopement photographer based in Oklahoma City, documenting weddings in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, and beyond! I specialize in working with intentional, adventurous couples who are focused on making their wedding day exactly what they want it to be, regardless of tradition. If this post resonated with you and you’re considering an elopement, yay for you!! I would love to chat and help you craft your one-of-a-kind adventure elopement experience and document your love story, whatever you’re dreaming of! Inquire with me today!!

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